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Parker to Salome AZ in a Polaris RZR 1000

We love off roading, of all kinds. Any time we get the opportunity to ride new dirt and explore a new area using our off road vehicles, we are all about it. We kicked off 2016 right when we got an opportunity to join a large, overnight group ride going from Parker to Salome, AZ. We met up with our group early Friday morning just a few miles away from the Blue Water Resort and Casino where we stayed the night before. After a short driver's meeting we were off to the small town of Salome. Over the two day trek, we got to see some of the Arizona desert's unique features, like: saguaro cactus, open mine shafts, slot canyons, and water crossings. At the close of day two, we found ourselves at the famous Desert Bar just outside of Parker. Our Adventure Air on board air compressor system for the RZR came to the rescue several times throughout the day.

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