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The Breakover Series Frame Chop Rear Bumper
for the Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2018

FMF Jeep Wrangler JKU Frame Chop Bumper




  • The Breakover frame chop rear bumper is 100% MADE IN AMERICA. It was engineered using Solidworks CAD software™, laser cut from a combination of 1/8th and 3/16th HRPO plate steel to keep unnecessary weight down and the strength high.

  Bumper weight:
  • - 41lbs 

Clearance and Strength:
  • The Breakover features a multifaceted, ramped design, that dramatically increases ground clearance and departure angle. The bumper has a full length, formed internal gusset that replaces the factory cross member. Removing the weight of the low hanging cross member and redistributing it means you only net a few lbs of increased weight, but with a massive benefit in ground clearance.

  • The Bumper hugs the body lines of the jeep and wraps around the corner of the tub just enough to protect the vulnerable area when exiting an obstacle, yet not so far as to hinder tire clearance or hang up on obstacles. Every face of this bumper is specifically designed to provide maximum clearance and deflect  obstacles away from the vehicle, so you either never feel them at all, or they don't stop forward progress when you do.

Standard Recover Shackle Mounts:
  • D-ring  mounts are a beefy 3/4" thick and angled upward to act as a slide when exiting a steep drop off. Recovery shackle mounts pass through the face of the bumper and tie into the 3/16" frame mounting plate, that sandwiches the frame rails providing double shear mounting that the factory bumper and many aftermarket bumpers lack.

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Jeep Frame Chop Rear Bumper

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* Requires removing part of rear frame. Please read the installation instructions below to ensure this is a modification you are capable of making and want to do before purchasing.

* Will not allow use of factory  hitch






  • Bare metal bumper:






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