The Solution Plate

Jeep TJ/LJ/YJ License Plate Relocation


Features and Benefits:

  • ​Since the very first Jeep Wrangler people have been removing their spare tires to remove unnecessary weight,  improve visibility, increase mpg, and increase departure angle. Any time a spare tire delete is performed on the newer Jeep JK it creates one major issue; you need something to cover the vent on the tail gate.


  • The solution plate is laser cut from .090 aluminum and formed using a custom die. This forming process not only greatly increases the strength and rigidity of the plate, it also allows us to address several issues left untouched by existing license plate relocation systems in a single streamlined part.

  • The plate is dimpled out 7/8” to allow both horizontal and vertical vents to remain fully functional without removing the vent. This is important because it allows the cab to remain sealed from dust and water just as Chrysler designed it from the factory. It comes powder coated in a textured satin black finish and mounts using the existing factory spare tire carrier mounting bolts and holes.


Jeep JK Wrangler spare tire delete
Jeep JK  License Plate Relocation

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​Pricing and Options:​






  • Solution Plate (powder coated satin black): $69











  • ORO Tag/3rd Brake Light: $43 - Click image to view product details or to order individual product without Solution Plate





  • Center Mounted CB/Whip Antenna Mount: $20 : Click image to view product details or to order individual product without Solution Plate







Jeep jk tag and 3rd third brake light
TJ CB mount
  • * Note: * Solution Plate ships standard with  stainless steel hardware for mounting the tag/license plate to the Solution Plate, Solution Plate itself mounts to vehicle using factory hardware.

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Jeep Wrangler JK TJ YJ Custom Winch Recovery