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ORO LitePanels

ORO LitePanels

LitePANELs are a smooth, simple way to mount OffRoadOnly’s LED taillights, LiteDOTs to the
Jeep Wrangler JK models.
Manufactured in the USA, constructed of molded ABS plastic, the LitePANELs are delivered in
a matte black finish, textured to match the Jeep Wrangler items. These panels may be painted to
match with auto-body urethane paints or aerosol DIY paints.
The LitePANELs are contoured to match the Wrangler JK sheetmetal perfectly, and are retained
by the LiteDOT mounting bolts. The LiteDOTs and LitePANELs are literally clamped to the
Jeep with the included bracket and hardware. No drilling or modifying of the factory sheet metal
is required. Returning to the Stock taillights is as simple as remove and replace.
  • Details

    The LitePANEL kits come with components to address the fast flash, and when assembled as
    suggested will stop the fast flash and prevent any light out warning indicators.
    Typical installation is 30-45 minutes.
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