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Off Road Only LiteDOT plate light

Off Road Only LiteDOT plate light

This is a LiteDOT™ Plate Light with 7' wire leads and solder seal connectors for splicing into a wiring harness.

The LiteDOT™ Plate Light's rugged design is completely sealed, vibration and water proof. It is ideal for an off road vehicle, trailer, motor home or any other rugged use vehicle, such as a dump truck.

It mounts on any license plate with mounting holes 7" on center. The stainless steel bracket mounts directly behind the license plate. The polycarbonate housing extends out over the edge about two inches.

Ultra-bright white LED's are used to illuminate the license plate. The housing also has three rear facing red LED's that can be wired as a third brake light when the license plate is mounted in the center of the vehicle.
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