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JK Evap Skid (Bare)

JK Evap Skid (Bare)

Evaporative Canister Skid Plate

JK Evap Skid Plates

* Laser cut from 3/16 high strength steel and CNC bent to ensure a perfect fit every time.

* Nearly a Full 1" of increased ground clearance over factory

* The front of the skid is angled up at 34 degrees to provide a smooth “ramp” surface for gliding over trail obstacles

* Unlike competitors, we opted to laser etch the logo into the front of the skid so it remains a functional ramp rather than another area to get hung up on.

* Our 1 piece design provides Protection on all 4 sides, and is easier to install than other multi-piece skids on the market

* Another unique feature of our Evap skid is the rear stand-off plate. This provides a few added benefits

1.) It raises the rear of the canister around 3/8” which ensures that your hoses are not chafing on the skid and there is no need to add additional insulation to the lines

2.) On 2012 and newer models this standoff allows the retention of the oem rear bolt, which further locks the canister into place while the bolt head remains countersunk and out of harms way

* Expertly welded in house on our Miller machines to ensure quality and consistent welds every time.

  • Details


    - Skid and provided hardware in a raw finish - $88

    - Skid and provided hardware powder coated satin black - $100

    For a shipping Quote, or to order, call (909)-792-9777
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