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Apex Rear Bumper Jeep JL 2018.5- Current



  • Increased departure angle and protection where you need it:​

  • The Apex rear is designed to allow maximum ground clearance without the need to cut into the JL’s frame. It wraps around the corner just enough to protect this vulnerable area from impact when exiting an obstacle, but not so far that it hinders tire clearance during articulation. Bumper is 100% Bolt on.

  • This product is 100% made in America from start to finish

Jeep JL Rear Bumper
poison spyder jl rear bumper
​Recessed Reverse Lighting:​

  • The Apex rear is designed to incorporate an optional recessed Rigid LED flush mount light. This platform allows the customer to dial in the amount of light they need for the rear of their vehicle. We run a diffused SR-M (2 LED) on our shop rig and it provides plenty of light for reversing even at night.

JL High clearance rear bumper
Recovery shackle mounts and use of factory trailer hitch:

​3/4" thick shackle mounts pass through the face of the bumper and are welded not only on the outside,
but also directly to the frame mounts of the bumper, ensuring that the shackle mounts are the strongest
possible recovery point you can use. The bumper is designed with a cutout so that the factory hitch can
be retained for those that wish to use this area to implement an additional d-ring mount or for towing.

jl rear bumper best welds


​Pricing and options:

  •  bare, with recovery shackle mounts: $753.00



  • Add $165.00 for 2 LED rigid light

  • Add $69.00 for Backup sensor provisions


JL reverse light
jl rear bumper factory hitch


  • Due to the factory backup sensors extreme sensitivity and finicky nature, Full Metal Fabworks cannot guarantee they will work with all spare tire, wheel, and tire mount combinations.  If you are planning to run a spare tire with the bumper our recommendation is to order without back up sensor provisions. 

Additional Image Gallery:

Installation Instruction Video

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