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The Apex Pinnacle Series Stubby Front Bumper for the Jeep Wrangler JK




  • The Apex Pinnacle Series front bumper is engineered using Solidworks CAD software™, laser cut from a combination of 1/8th and 3/16th plate steel to keep unnecessary weight down and the strength high .

  •   Bumper weight: 53 lbs 

  • The Apex features a countersunk winch mounting plate and is designed to accept most winches with the standard 10'x4.5' mounting pattern, including the popular Warn Zeon series winches. Countersinking the winch into the bumper helps to promote airflow to the grille and radiator to aid in cooling for the Jeeps vital drivetrain components.

  • This product is 100% made in America from start to finish



Standard Recovery Shackle Mounts and Factory Fog Light Retention


  • Integrated fog light holes and light mount buckets retain factory fog lights, or provide a place to mount your choice of aftermarket lighting.

  • With recovery shackles being such a popular addition to the original Apex front bumper, we decided to make them standard equipment on the Apex Pinnacle series. D-ring  mounts are a beefy 1" thick and angled upward to act as a slide when approaching an obstacle. Recovery shackles are sold separately and can be found by clicking HERE:​

  • No Logo Cut-Out and Stinger


  • One unique feature is the incorporation of the logo. We opted out of the traditional laser cutout of our logo and instead had 3 piece badges water jetted and TIG welded together. These badges eliminate an area for dirt and debris to collect and can be customized by each customer to give their bumper its own unique style.

  • The stinger is CNC laser notched with laser cut plate gussets. Constructed of 1.75x0.120 seamless DOM tubing. It is designed as a first line of defense when approaching tail obstacles, and helps to protect the winch, grille, and radiator area when off-road.

Jeep JK Bumper
Jeep JK Stubby Front Winch Bumper
Jeep bumper welding perfect armor quality


Optional Pinnacle Crash Bar Skid


  • Available as an option for the Apex Pinnacle Series line of bumpers, this skid bolts to the bumper and protects the exposed crash bar and expensive electronic sway bar disconnect found on Rubicon models.

  • Optional 10" LED Light Bar Fairlead Mount


  • Our 10" LED light bar fairlead  mounts are laser cut from 1/8" steel, and are CNC brake formed. They are designed to sandwich in-between your winch fairlead and your bumper, and allow you to easily add a 10" LED bar to your bumper in a tight package that is out of harms way.

Jeep JK JKU Bumper Warn Zeon Winch
Jeep Wrangler Front Bumper Winch



* A vacuum pump relocation kit is required with this bumper for Jeeps 2012 and newer.

* For flat towing and heavy winching, we recommend the addition of the optional skid plate. Bumpers are designed to recover your vehicle up and out of problem situations; they are not designed to lift other vehicles or items out of the ground i.e.-tree stumps. 



Additional Image Gallery:


​Pricing and options:​


  • Bare metal bumper with 2 bend stinger and gussets:  





  • Vacuum Pump Relocation Kit

   (for 2012 - current JKs):


  •   Add $35.00



  • Bare Pinnacle Skid: -

  •  Add $135.00


  • Bare 10" LED Light Bar Mount:

  • Add $46.00









Jeep JK Vacuum Pump Relocation Kit
Jeep JK Crash Bar Skid Plate
Jeep JK Light Bar Mount
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